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‘International Innovation’ meets EGU

13 Jun

International Innovation is a global dissemination publication that provides access to interviews, content and presentations for the wider scientific, technology and research communities. The magazine has, on various occasions, interviewed EGU personalities such as Ulrich Pöschl (Publications Committee Chair), a few division presidents and, most recently, EGU’s Executive Secretary, Philippe Courtial. Some of these EGU-related interviews are now available online.

  • Interview with Gert-Jan Reichard: “Biogeology has emerged over the past decade as one of the most important fields within the geosciences. Dr Gert-Jan Reichart, Division President of Biogeosciences at the European Geosciences Union offers his insight into the environmental challenges we face and how this research area is striving to address them”
  • Interview with Philippe Courtial: “Executive Secretary of the EGU, Dr Philippe Courtial, details the work of the Union in assisting scientists and improving the availability of accurate scientific data”
  • Interview with Michael Kühn: “Boldly trying to push science for solutions to solve the energy problems of tomorrow, Michael Kühn [EGU Division President of Energy, Resources and the Environment] is studying new approaches where renewables play a vital role”
  • Interview with Ulrich Pöschl: “The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is the world leader in interactive open access publishing and public peer review. We speak exclusively to Dr Ulrich Pöschl, the EGU Chair of Publication Committee, about the important work being done in the pursuit of knowledge sharing in the geosciences”
  • Interview with Denis-Didier Rousseau: “President of the European Geosciences Union, Division on Climate: Past, Present and Future, provides an insight into the ever expanding remit of this branch of the EGU”

(A few of these texts have also been reproduced with permission in GeoQ, the quarterly newsletter of the European Geosciences Union.)

Written Feedback on the EGU GA 2010

4 May

In addition to the usual summing up and evaluation meetings for the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2010, this year there is the possibility of submitting feedback online.

If you have questions, suggestions please visit the form and fill it in.

This is a ‘quick’ mechanism for giving feedback that will go directly to the EGU GA 2010 programme chair, and will be collated and discussed amongst the programme committee and Copernicus. This form is not intended for specific suggestions for new scientific sessions at the EGU GA 2011 (this can go through the specific programme group, when the call for sessions comes out later in 2010), but rather everything else [the general infrastructure of the General Assembly, outreach suggestions, suggestions for more dynamic general meeting, etc.]