Friday at the 2012 General Assembly

27 Apr

We’ve made it – welcome to the final day of the 2012 General Assembly! Although so close to the end, today offers plenty of Union-wide events. Be sure to complement the information below with EGU Today, the daily newsletter of the General Assembly, available both in paper and for download here.

Don't miss next year's General Assembly!

One of the highlights of the day is the co-organised session entitled Advances in understanding of the multi-disciplinary dynamics of the Southern European Seas (Mediterranean and Black Sea) (oral programme Room 5, 13:30-17:00; poster presentations Hall X/Y, 10:30-12:00). In addition, today features two Medal Lectures by Robin T. Clarke (Room D, 12:15-13:15) [Webstreaming] and Aikaterini Radioti (Room 18, 10:45-11:15) as well as the Educational and outreach symposium on Teaching Soil Science or how to teach that dirt is fascinating (Room 35, 10:30-11:15).

Meet EGU continues today, so please step up to meet your Division leaders. If you haven’t already seen all the films, GeoCinema (10:30-18:45 daily in the GeoCinema Room) remains open. Also, the winner of the photography competition will be announced at 12:15 in the Crystal Lounge.

Have a great day, and see you in 2013! For more information on next year’s meeting, please check the 2013 General Assembly page soon online at

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