New initiative from the EGU

19 Oct

In response to EGU members’ requests individually and at Town Hall meetings at the General Assemblies 2010 and 2011, the European Geosciences Union is trialling a mentoring scheme for members. Initially this will be for female mentees (mentors can be of either gender).

The mentoring scheme is designed so that face-to-face contact is not vital and is meant to be an enriching experience for both the mentor and mentee. Guidelines will be issued to both parties before the start of the mentoring process. You can be both a mentor and mentee in the same cycle of partnerships. Mentees can be from undergraduate level and above, mentors can be masters students and above. We encourage applications from mentors from all sectors of the Geosciences e.g. industry, government, academia.

To ensure your inclusion in this exciting initiative, please submit your details before the 31 October. The sign up forms for Mentors and Mentees are online. Information on the scheme is online via the EGU webpage. Mentoring partnerships will be provided with guidelines and agree a partnership contract concerning types and frequency of meetings and the topics to be covered.

We will try to consider all of your requests when assigning mentoring partnerships. If you have further questions, please email Jennifer Holden.

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